Tentang AMA

Tentang AMA


The 1st World Masters/Veterans Athletic Championships were held in Toronto, Canada in 1975 and Hari Chandra from Singapore, found himself attending it. At these Championships he met Japanese participant Mr. Hideo Okada, the then President of Nippon Turtles. They met again in Gotenberg Sweden (2nd masters) and decided to organise an Asian version of the Championships. On return to Singapore, Mr. Hari Chandra contacted Milkha Singh of India, and the three of them met at Christchurch (NZ) in 1981, and as a result the 1st Asian Championships were held in Singapore in August 1981.

The 2nd Asian meet was in New Delhi, India in 1983 and Milka Singh was the organizer. At that meeting an ad-Hoc Committee of Asia was formed with Mr. Milka Singh as President, Mr. Hari Chandra as Secretary and W.T.Segar of Indonesia as Vice President. Other members at that time were Tamin Merican from Malaysia and Sibidol from Brunei. However an organized meeting of all concerned in Asia was at the 4th Asian Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was held from the 25th & 26th of July 1986. This was where a Constitution of the Asian Veteran Association was formed and accepted. A declaration was made with the following who signed.

Mr. Hariomatram – Chairman – Indonesia
Mr. Hari Chandra – Singapore
Mr. Djoko S. Slamet-Indonesia
Mr. P.H.D Waidyatilaka – Sri Lanka
Mr. Abdul Razak Bongsu – Brunei
Ms. Chi-Cheng-Taiwan
Mr. Joseph Yan Kok Peng – Singapore
Mr. Kiyoshi Konoike – Japan
Mr. Abdullah bin Hj Mohd Dom – Malaysia
Mr. Hwang Yong Hi – Korea
Subsequent to the declaration the first meeting was held at 8:00 pm on the 26th July 1986 and the following office bearers were elected to manage the Asian Veteran Athletes Association:

President: Mr. Hariomataram – Indonesia
Vice-president: Ms. Chi Cheng-Taiwan
Vice-president: Mr.  Waidyatilaka – Sri Lanka
Vice-president: Mr. Shuhei Nishida – Japan
Secretary: Mr. Hari Chandra – Singapore
Treasurer: Mr. Djoko S. Slamet-Indonesia
Technical members:
Mr. Kiyoshi Konoike – Japan
Mr. Hwang Yong Hee – Korea
Mr. Hendrasin – Indonesia
Mr. Satchidanandan – Sri Lanka
Mr. Abdullah bin Hj Mohd Dom – Malaysia

The organization of the 4th Asian Veteran Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia from 25th & 26th July 1986 was well done.
The 5th Championships was awarded to Taiwan, and Ms. Chi Cheng promised to invite very many Asian countries and it was held in the city of Tainan. Mr. Miki Oda of Japan was elected Patron of the Asian Association.

In all Asia 11 Asian championships had been held in the following order:
1st     Singapore 1981
2nd    New Delhi – India 1983
3rd      Singapore 1985
4th      Jakarta – Indonesia 1986
5th      Tainan City – Taiwan 1988
6th      Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 1990
7th     Singapore 1992
8th      Jakarta – Indonesia 1994
9th     Seoul – Korea 1996
10th    Okinawa – Japan 1998
11th    Bangalore – India 2000
12th    Dalian – China 2002 (16 – 21 September 2002)
13th    Bangkok – Thailand 2004 (1 – 5 December 2004)
14th    Bangalore – India 2006 (November 2006)
15th    Chiang Mai – Thailand 2009 (January 2009)
16th    Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 2010 (6 – 12 December 2010)
17th    Taipei – Chinese Taipei 2012 (3 – 7 November 2012)
18th    Kitakami – Japan 2014 (19 – 23 September 2014)
19th    Singapore 2016 (4 -8 May 2016)
20th    Rugao – China 2017